• What do you like and dislike about your Honda Rebel 250

    What do you like and dislike about your Honda Rebel 250?

    I (obviously) have a Honda Rebel 250 in my life. I love the way it rides. I love the center of gravity being more stable (lower to the ground) than some of the other (more top heavy) bikes. I like the way it looks. I like the way it feels on a long ride (comfortable to sit on for long periods of time). I don't like the clutch being so far from the hand grip (I have really, really small hands). I don't like that it's cold blooded (can't just jump on it and take off, like a Shadow). I don't like that it sometimes is hard to shift. I don't like the way that the headlight is small. I don't like the mirrors (they're shaky and hard to see with). All over, I do love my bike. I'm working to correct the problems that I have with it. What do you guys love and not love about your Rebels?

    • My 2001 was a stroke of luck to find. It's the bike I am learning on. Originally was going to learn on a Kawasaki KZ200 but it was in just such poor shape that I got rid of it. Have been on the Rebel a total of maybe 10 hours and the husband is beginning the think I'm a natural on it. My shifting is good, my balance is good. I'm not too good with taking off on a turn, such as at stop sign and then turning the corner and I sometimes let the clutch out too fast. It is a comfortable ride with the exception of the foot pegs/controls are not quite far enough forward for me. I'm 5'7" but with long legs. After about 30 minutes, I start to feel it in the knees. I may eventually do something about them, such as some of the suggestions made at rebel250.com forum. Other than that, I'm still trying him (yes, it's a him) to see what any of the quirks are.

    • Andrew, talk to the people on the rebel250.com forum.

      They are fantastic and can be of so much help to you. I posted a problem the other day and within 7 mnutes had four responses of wat the problem could be and the solution. They may have some insights for you.