What do you lot think of this idea


What do you lot think of this idea?

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  • Go for it man would look mint

  • Im half way there

  • Damn it is it even possible to be original any more? Haha, looks good though, I'm stealing it

  • The idea, not your bike..

  • I'm thinking fluorescent yellow wheels and blue plastics on mine

  • It's epic dude

  • Like this one?

  • Me too

  • All the other bits I am thinking Kawasaki green

  • Yea looks awesome. Only so many good color combos you can go with

  • Kawasaki green spot on colour (y)

  • Do it

  • Yes looks like you bought it in the toddler section in Toys r Us,reminds me of present day Lego or Mecanno.

  • bright colors cheapen ...