What do you think about this


What do you think about this


http://fr.aliexpress.com/item/Long-Short-brake-clu tch-Levers-fit-for-HONDA-GROM-2014-H-250-F-25/3234 2408479.html?spm=2114.06010108.3.228.xbmnBK&ws_ab_ test=searchweb201556_9,searchweb201644_5_505_5 06_503_504_502_10001_10002_10017_10010_10005_10011 _10006_10003_10004_10009_10008,searchweb201560_8,s earchweb1451318400_-1,searchweb1451318411_6450&bts id=aa7947e2-9e97-4ea3-938e-5ba181917af4



http://www.aliexpress.com/item-img/GT-Motor-Full-C NC-aluminum-Motorcycle-Rearsets-Rear-Set-For-Honda -Grom-MSX-125-2013-2015/32474732637.html#

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  • You can get ones of ebay that won't take a month to come but if you don't mind waiting they will probably be alright quality

  • Ok thanks, I forgot Ebay since Aliexpress exists lol

  • stay away from those rearsets mate the gold ones nothing but trouble and they won't fit proper

  • Motobot-racing.com

    Benjamin Chantariang

  • really ?

    Ebay is more expensive :/

  • Benjamin Chantariang is good I have some rear sets from him need to fit but good quality and turned up in 7 days from Thailand!