What does 14T sprocket do compared to 16T And what happends then if u change...


What does 14T sprocket do compared to 16T? And what happends then if u change rear to few/more T's? What do ppl recommend? :)

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  • 36T is originally sprocket on std bike? Only approximately 8 mph gain with 181 BBK? Isn't the originally top speed about 60 mph?

  • 15/34 is standard size

  • I myself don't use the bike for commuting and only need around 50mph tops, so I like having acceleration and torque for wheelies ;)

  • Then, is it possible to just change front sprocket to 14T and do nothing to rear, or do you need 36T at rear aswell?

  • That's why I upped the rear sprocket size from 34 to 36

  • I see :)

  • Yep, you can definitely just do the front!

  • If you just do the front, you will still be able to hit 60mph

  • And like you said, still keep top speed and gain some acceleration aswell ?

  • Yep!! You will like it!

  • Yes indeed ;)

  • I'm currently on 13t/34t is the increase in the rear noticeable.

    Unfortunately I'm a big lad so the 14t still doesn't get me to the redline in top gear. The 13t seems perfect for me atm and like you this is my weekend toy so I don't particularly need massive top end speed just want more of a street weapon. This bike ain't no motorway machine