What else can I do Getting black skateboard wheels and black grips for it to...

What else can I do? Getting black skateboard wheels and black grips for it to make it look a bit classier. I'm looking for classy mods to make it look good.

  • Ace

  • Thanks :) What do you think I could do to make it look better?

  • Don't know buddy it looks ace, love the exhaust. I ordered my grom at the weekend, been looking at swingarms

  • Looks spot on mate gonna look in to the Laguna exshsust

  • Tudor Toma is selling his titanium one

  • I know mate can't afford it plus I don't like the pipe work webike Japan sell them as well but every on I've seen the pipes are different. All but the can

  • Buy these lol

  • Had them but wasn't 100% a fan of the quality

  • Ahhh I bought them trying to sell em my bike was stolen express they got delivered

  • I'd be interested in 1,2, 3,4,12

  • My titanium one will be for sale very soon :)

  • For skateboard wheels get to Argos and grab one of their crappy little black plastic decks. Paid like £7 for mine and the wheels are rock hard. Use them as axle sliders on my XT. Got a nice rounded profile too so shouldn't flip the bike.

  • Don't have Argos in Jersey :/

  • Make an offer I'll consider splitting

  • Got this as well

  • How much are you looking for, I really wanted an underbraced one

  • For the exhaust its got a bit of use on it so £190 posted its £312 brand new taxed and shipped to the UK so saving over £120 :) as for a underbraced swingarm I am not sure if it works with one or not

  • Get some matching panels

  • Nothing, just ride and enjoy :)

  • Does looks a bit mish mash haha

  • I quiet like bikes like that :') I would get some nice pro tapers on it personally and maybe the taka seat cover :)

  • or a Harlequin Golf

  • how do they fit on? i know silly question

  • Victoria Tinker Holt not silly as i was thinking the same

  • :)

  • Hollow axle and a long threaded bar. My XT660X has hollow axles as stock, the MSX doesn't but they are available.

    Best thing to do is buy a complete cheap skateboard (I'll link one in a second) as the bearings and washers come in handy for securing and spacing the sliders.

    Although getting axles isn't cheap. The sliders themselves are as you can make yourself and are easily replaceable.

  • Don't sell it for 2 months and Ill buy it

  • I could get them new for £45 so £30 posted?

  • Love more info on those diy sliders here in NY

  • Kitaco hollow axles, threaded rod, skateboard wheels, sorted

  • Ah gotcha...no hollow axles for me, but really cool idea

  • Gavin Greenall i got mine from. Kitaco hollow axles

  • Starting to get more matching haha

  • If you need to order the axels you can do this direct with me