What experience do you guys have about the shaft driven honda shadows vs the...


What experience do you guys have about the shaft-driven honda shadows vs the chain driven? Also, is there any belt conversion kit or something?

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  • Again, bullshit. Been riding a shaft drive for 14 years and have never experienced what you say is common with shaft drive. Neither have any of my numerous friends who have a shaft drive.

  • Agree to disagree then Dave. Ride safe :-)

  • Took the words out of my mouth. No disrespect intended, just a difference of opinion. You ride safe as well.

  • Here's a good article about it...If you want a good read. http://www.chuckhawks.com/motorcycle_drive_systems .htm

  • Guys guys! no reason to argue :D Was just asking for some advice what to look out for! Thinking it might be safer to go for a chain, than a shaft-drive when you're looking secondhand? Or shouldn't I be worried about beaten-down shaftdrives so much?

  • Nothing beats a shaft drive on a cruiser. Lasts forever with minimal maintenance and, if your looking at over 750cc's, most will be shaft anyway. Especially on older cruisers.

  • Yeah, mostly also just worried about the sludge a chain will bring to your bike :P

  • It says OLDER

  • Isn't your Sabre 17 years OLD??

  • Mark Simmers IF you read it ...it says OLDER shaft drive....NOT ALL shaft drives.

  • I know it states older shaft drives, but, it did not state what "older" meant. Could be 10 years, could be 20. Not sure why you feel argumentative about this. If your bike doesn't do it...great. Not everyone has a "new" 17 year old bike.

  • I've noticed that under hard acceleration in lower gears, that my bike will raise slightly in the rear. I'm sure that's from torque load in the final drive. I've never had it hop or lose traction. The biggest benefit from a shaft drive is super low to no maintenance and ultra long life of the components. The biggest detractor is that a shaft drive will eat up about 10 - 15% of your horsepower compared to a chain drive.

  • On my '95 VT1100C me and a friend were chasing down some kids on 600cc sport bikes up in the NM mountains and mine really started dancing up and down. It's weird, when your are cornering hard and shifting a lot, due to the bike reacting the opposite of what you are thinking it will do. Hard throttle and bike lifts, off the throttle and it squats. Granted, we were pushing the envelope for any cruiser ;-)

  • Don't really think tbh, that unless you wanna 'race' or drive very sporty that the reduces hp will be of much importance. I mostly wanna cruise smoothly, no need to rush things tbh :P have heard of enough bike accidents

  • You really should get a shaft drive then. Best for just cruising.