What is a better buy a brute force 750 or a honda 420 Was debating on gettin...


What is a better buy a brute force 750 or a honda 420?? Was debating on gettin one over the summer. Need something thats reliable and somethin to ride around without problems. Tell me ur opinions!

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  • Mine rides a little rough on hard pack dirt but my tires are worn unevenly too. Definitely love the automatic. Mine is carbbed though sometimes it gives me fits till it fully warms up but nothing to complain about

  • the fuel injection is super nice. I can fire it up and literally leave the line In a wheelie 5 second

  • I wish I would have went with fuel injected. But I plan on going big with the motor in the future. I hear you can get more power out of carbs

  • Fuel injection all the way you can let you bike set up and not have to worry about the bowl freezing in the carburetor and staybuild is your friend

  • Or seafoam

  • Its too much of a Hassel to convert it ain't it?

  • 420 all day

  • Get irs

  • 700 grizzly no doubt

  • 420

  • Depends what u want if ur going to want power and comfortable ride without spending over 10k grizzly 550 r 700 they 750 brutes ain't got shit on the 700 grizzly

  • I've got a 300 n a 450 Forman. N had a 750 brite 08 fi. N the Hondas you try n pull something kinda heavy they kit bounce n the ass. N someone said over powered atv? Has a smooth power unless u just romp it then u gonna b on ur ass. N who n the hell said I don't want more power. Lmao. N oh ya just got me the outlander 1000xt. All power baby. Lmao. But Hondas r good if ur just put put around like farming n stuff they r great. But u want fun n to do whatever u want get the brute at least.