What is the furthest single journey you ve done on your CT. Thoughts on the M5


What is the furthest single journey you've done on your CT? Thoughts on the M5?

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  • With how bad the m5 is as long as it can get over 30km/h it should be fine :-) but seriously im just next to it and wouldnt even contemplate tempting fate, rossi stickers or not, backstreet boy

  • 16 tooth front and 40 tooth rear gets you 85 km/h on the flats, 110 downhill. Just hold it pinned the whole way, it won't blow up

  • Thanks Nick :D

  • Top speed on mine is about 90km down hill with a tail wind. Expect to average about 60km/h including fuel stops. Mine had about 23L with both tanks full. It burnt oil so you need to check oil daily. 18hours at full throttle a day

  • approx 5000 km in just over 8 days , Byron Bay to Steep point W.A. ...

  • Wow! Jock that thing is a beast! How long did it take to make her?

  • couple of months, its still in its evolution next years bike will be the last .

    some info on the build and the race.

    http://www.maximumbikes.com/forum/index.php/topic/ 28878-australia-byron-to-steep-point-honda-ct-110- 5000-km-via-the-french-line-what-could-possible-go -wr/

  • cockle creek Tasmania to Caboolture qld then blew the big end bearings

  • Mine goes 90kmh on the flat and I'm 109kg

    They are all different tho

  • There is a husband and wife team that just rode their Trail 90's all around the USA, look up "My Trail 90" and you will find them...I think they are done now, and crating the bikes back up to send back to their Oregon home... https://www.facebook.com/MyTrail90Crew