what is the top speed of these bikes really I see on the internet it says...

what is the top speed of these bikes really?I see on the internet it says 144mph but my one has more left at 160mph said to me by the seller and my friend did 150mph and he said their was loads left in her,I do not want to do this testing myself!

  • Easy now im canadian dont confuse me with a european lol they have nice roads :(

  • Hahaha. The euros have the best roads. How are the roads in Canada, ey?

  • You have to ride at least a hour or two for bends . Theres some nice ones but i live too far :( where you from chris barnes

  • Michael Durham,i remember that think it was called Streethawk way back in the late 80s lol

  • 271 km/h with dynojet kit and K&N (168mph)

  • Darn Gary. Got the name wrong. Watched when very young. I downloaded it a couple of years back to see it again. Only watched a couple. So cheesy. Lol

  • very cheesy lol i was in my teens then lol

  • Superhawk in the states and firestorm elsewhere,I brought mine from northern California to the south of Spain and think Route 1 in California is one of the best ever although I have seen some great roads here and around Europe. I have jardine pipes,ignition advance,factory jet kit and k$n and have had mine up to 168mph

  • Whoa,so I have bought a monster! I was 50 Meters or so from the main road in my friends garden,when he drove by winding her up to 150mph,and fuck me the roars of itI firestorm is the perfect name for it!

  • Standard ones are good for around a true 150mph, the speedo exaggerates a bit at this speed.