What kind of chain lube is everyone using There s so many out there that i...

What kind of chain lube is everyone using . There s so many out there that i dont know which one to go for something ok

  • Right now I'm using Honda chain lube.

  • Chain wax

  • I've been using the wax in a yellow can from Walmart for years. My chains last longer and my sprockets are quieter than any lube. Plus it doesn't make as much of a mess as others I have tried

  • Ky jelly.

  • How often should chain be lubricated?

  • I lubricate mine every 500 miles

  • Ahh! Good to at least have an idea of how often. :-D Thank you!

    And while on the subject of maintenance, what are some other, general but important, things to be aware of and check??

  • I do mine every 300 miles, after every wet ride, and I usually lubricate when hot. Only adjust when the bikes cold and sat for a while or the chain will wear out faster.

  • When you lube also check your chain for adjustment check oil level and other fluids and when adjusting the chain you will need to adjust the rear brake

  • Yeow! I've got lots to learn!!

  • !! Thank you!

  • No problem.

  • I lube chain after I wash the bike, or ride in heavy rain... Or when it starts raising hell slapping the rear sprocket haha I adjust it n snug it back up...

  • I use a spray chain lube, it's anti sling, tho... I lube when cool and let it soak if I can...

  • It depends on you what you prefer, I don't like it to lose or too tight as I use regular grease on the chain and I grabbed an old bath towel and I have it in a jack stand put it in first gear and I clean it for about five minutes

  • Yeah the forgot to mention the brake. I've been working n my 300f with disc brakes and forgot about my rebel running a drum on the rear.

  • Swing by I have a new can didn't need much of it plenty to around. Text me if ur interested!

  • Kool

  • Thanks lyzette

  • I need to clean my bike first!!!!