• What kind of oil oil guys running My 2014 rancher 420 is due for its first oil...

    What kind of oil oil guys running? My 2014 rancher 420 is due for its first oil change. Thanks in advance for all the feedback.

    • I use 20-50

    • I 3rd gn4, over 250 hours with no problems

    • Just left the Honda shop gotta order new clutches cause I ran 15w30 in mine and it foamed and burnt the clutches up. Will only run Honda gn4 in mine from now on

    • 10w-40 ATV/Motorcyle oil, mine is made by Valvoline and approved for Honda. Never had any issues with it.

    • I run t6 Rotella 5w40 in my vtx 1300 street bike and its a wet clutch, was thinking of using it but wanted other input as well

    • Use what the manufacture recommends and you shouldn't have an issue. Also if internal component(s) are damaged through no fault of your own, Honda can't use the excuse and say you are going against manufacture specs, so we won't cover you. (I was just in this situation) The manufacture has a spec for a reason.

    • I would use the honda stuff, but my nearest honda dealer is over an hour away, and I don't want to order it online

    • Just order it in bulk online and have is shipped for free. I mean they drop it off on your doorstep.

    • I am probably the only redneck on the planet that doesn't have a debit or credit card!

    • Lol all I use is my debit card, then credit card for online orders.