What kind of plugs do you run


What kind of plugs do you run?

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  • NGK change em' every 8k. I pay $5.00 for four :)

  • Bought plugs from Honda dealer, change every season

  • honda/ngk the ones for highway driving

  • Mechanic at the dealership said mine were fine last time it was serviced.

  • OEM plugs. Changed the wires out at 40k. The heat here in AZ cooks everything. Change plugs 3 times so far.

  • Shame one must buy the wrench to remove. Back in the stone ages manufactures provided a descent tool kit.

  • I was told I would have to buy the kit in pieces, no longer available as a kit. Odd.

  • 20+ dollars just for the plug wrench

  • My 2004 came with the full kit (with wrench). Did they stop providing it with the bike?

  • they have not stopped providing the tool kit with the bikes, anyone who bought their bike without one got ripped off. the problem i had was the previous owner had taken the bike in for a bit of maintenance and the mechanic at the dealership switched the plug wrech for the shorter version!!!! (totally useless on bike) by time he found out the guy no longer worked there so kinda got screwed on that one. BUT... you can find them on Ebay for those interested in looking ones i found range from $20-30... shipping is free-$10... well worth it for those in need like i was

  • Got my bike used, so don't know if it came with a kit. Bought a plug wrench at a dealer, and he said that the new ones no longer had a kit with them, and he could only get them by ordering each piece separately.