What kind of power gains will I get with a DG exhaust Will I feel the...

What kind of power gains will I get with a DG exhaust. Will I feel the difference from stock? I'm already running an open air box, 400 ex carb that's been rejetted. Thanks

  • I feel a difference may be just me

  • Like to hear more about changing the CDI,and carb specs, Someone who Knows this info, what year 400 etc, please pm me, I don't want to high lack this thread. Thanks,

  • Early years 400ex cdi will plug and play in 86

  • 99-02 if I'm not mistaken

  • John James, have you done this?

  • Yes currently riding my x with 400ex carb and cdi

  • Brian, it bolts right on to the engine...no problem. You have to work the tubing from the airbox to the carb. Some use a heat gun to remold the plastic on to the carb. You will need to rejet. I left the stock pilot jet from the 400ex and had to use a different main jet. Depends on if you have exhaust or run an open air box. It starts on one kick with no choke and is very responsive due to the accelerator pump in the new carb.

  • Will Licea hit that on the head lol

  • Cool , sounds nice, Mine is stock all the way, 1 kick seems to run great, but always could do more for it. But I do want to run a airbox with lid and stock exhaust or if I could find a quiet aftermarket

  • Right on... I'm working on building a custom vilocity intake for mine