What kind of price would I be looking to sell my bike It s a 99 250 with...


What kind of price would I be looking to sell my bike? It's a 99 250 with saddle bags has 17,100 miles on it. Love my rebel but I need something I can ride more safely on the highway.

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  • $1000-$1500.

  • Need a picturr

  • Last summer we paid 1200 the guy was asking 1600 for our 2004 it had less than 1000 miles

  • Bought mine brand new off the showroom floor for 4k. But no accessories.

  • And you can say or best offer. Cash talks! Depends on physical appearance.

  • I paid 800 but unless u find that right deal i would say from always on craigslist about 1000 to 1400 but all depends on were u are located just remember cash talks

  • I go like 50 miles a day haven't had a problem as long as the brakes are changed oils are good the motor will always be worth 900+

  • I paid 1300 for a 2008 had few details but nothing major

  • I will have to agree with the $1000.00 to $1500.00. Stay close to the $1500.00. But every area is different. You can always let them talk you down a little. But don't cut your own throat and give it away.

  • I just sold an 05 with 4000 miles for $2000.00 show room cond.