what oil should i run through my 350x

what oil should i run through my 350x?

  • amsoil is good too

  • Oil

  • 10-40. No synthetic unless made for wet clutches

  • Vegetable oil

  • 10-40 is preferred per the owners manual. If you are in a very cold climate 10-30

  • I ues 0/40 Amsoil year around for the last 5 years all ways nice and clean no filings runs cooler and quieter with no problems

  • sorry if this sounds bad.....but if u have to ask what kind of oil to run in ur wheeler......matbe u shouldnt b riding

  • Charlie, with all the new clutch saver oils out now, there's always a possibility of someone running across something better than the "standard" type of oil.

  • well taken

  • Download, or if you can purchase, one of the different manuals it will list everything you need to know. I have personally ran several oils and several filters with different machines requiring wet clutch oils.

    I am convinced by Honda to use their 10W40 as noted for general use depending on the outside temperature and if any internal modifications have been performed on your machine. If look at the chart, if it is hot in the summer bump up the weights because the temperature doesn't drop and the oil will remain more fluid like in its resting state. Unlike if you used a heavier weight in cold weather it will be too thick when cold and not be able to lubricate when cold.

    If your engine is internally modified and you have thiner clearances than before you need a semi synthetic to full synthetic and variances with weights. If you run this oil when your clearances are stock you can cause piston slapping or knocking, or other problems, etc. based off of that. Even though the oil is "better" it doesn't provide the same thickness as conventional.

    Filters... Install them correctly. I like Honda, they aren't expensive. I also use K&N for higher flow to help keep my engine cooler. Because, the 350X is a 4 stroke that is air cooled. It does not have a cooling system besides the fins on the jug or the oil cooler, better flow is good. But I have heard mixed reviews with that filter but have not actually seen anything bad. However, just with any car or truck when you change the oil change the filter. With these ATCs it should be fairly fairly often and "as needed." I don't like FRAM because of the automotive types, nothing bad about them... I just know there are better parts to get for not a lot more money.

    Just the basics... Just my 2 cents...