What other money pits do we own


What other money pits do we own ???

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  • 1 of 4 airsoft guns

  • Weird you say that as I have a nighthawk custom 1911 for sale

  • I'm not after anymore I sold loads of my rifles lol. I sold my G36C and G36K

    Also may self my Glock 17.

  • Have you got any pics as my friend might be interested. He has Ukura license like myself.

  • I can get some Thursday mate and I'm not too bothered about the licence as I don't have one, it is a bit scratched up but it all works perfectly and will come with a load of pellets too

  • Sweet PM them to me. If the gun is black and you need to post it. By law the person receiving has to have a valid Ukura and needs to be posted through Parcel Force as sporting goods. Just in case you needed to know mate.

  • Oh really? Yeah I didn't know that aha if not I can give it to Charlie when I see him next aha

  • Cool. Nighthawks are gorgeous guns. Any idea what the FPS is.

  • Around 400 from new so probably not much less I don't use it much

  • My 1961 Lincoln.

  • Here's 3 of my money pits. Have another S4 that isn't pictured.

  • My kids

  • gen 1 viper? very nice

  • Thank you, very fun to drive by the way

  • Is that the hardtop version of the same car JFK was shot i

  • Jay Murray

    Yes it is.

  • Such a gorgeous car. What's the specs?

  • It's a 1961 Lincoln Continental with a Lincoln 430 motor. I changed out the front end with a 63 grill and bumper and I'm running 1965 tail light. I just got a set of stock wheels so I'm going to throw on a set of white walls on it.

  • I put in a hidden double den. When the key is off or the factory radio is off it looks like this.

  • When the key and radio are on it automatically drops down the double den.

    Here's a video from a few years back.


  • My money pit

  • My second money pit....

  • Buddy I am impressed, I'm a big fan of people who keep it classic with only a few modern mods. She is one gorgeous car.

  • banshee 2 stroke?

  • Actually theyre raptors 700

  • sweet

  • Thanks! This is my 2nd classic. 1972 K5 blazer. She is more of my daily driver. I have a 4" lift, a 1968 C10 front end, I have a soft top and the original hard top. I'll thrown my grom in the back when we go camping. This is a really fun truck.

  • Looks juicy

  • Just watched the video again, I'm so impressed with your mods and do like the alarm.

  • Thanks!