What packing is everyone using on their hmf s Has anyone tried leaving the...


What packing is everyone using on their hmf's. Has anyone tried leaving the baffle out?

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  • Leave the packing in its there for backpressure which helps with not burning valves

  • Where are you buying it from

  • packing is in there for a reason... it keeps the heat where it should be, around the core, and yes its for the back pressure too, I always use fiberglass packing..... I found fmf or pro circut packing is the best seems to last a lot longer

  • I havnt bought any at all but hit up the forums like mudinmyblood.com and you will find an answer there im almost positive you will

  • Kevin Ellinghausen off eBay or what?

  • Is the packing different depending on bike or its all the same ?

  • its all the same.... theres is usually a bit left over when I repack mine...

  • they list it for every quad or whatever.... but its all the same,

  • I mean just dont get one for like a 125cc bike or something... lol im sure there is a lot less packing in it... but anything from like a 300ex, 450r to a brute force or grizzly or even can am will be more than enough packing material