What r some must haves for your shadow I m looking at adding stuff to my...

What r some must haves for your shadow I'm looking at adding stuff to my phantom

  • Is it easy to change out pipes this is my first bike I will be moding

  • It's pretty easy. It's just about changing nuts and bolts.

  • Nice 2015! Mine is a 2013 matte black color. I'm digging the silver!

  • Alright I got a led lighting kit engine guards freeway pegs saddle bags back rest and widow shield coming I'm looking at pipes to make it sound better and look bad a

  • Thanks I love the silver look

  • If you change pipes do you gotta change jets in carbs

  • Yes...what about Handguards for cold weather?

  • No handguards?Why not?

  • All mine stuff is homemade I enjoy the originality of it. Only thing I need to buy is a round oil tank so I can cut the ends off and make my electrical covers

  • Windshield, saddle bags, new seat.....so far