What rear mud guard fender Anyone in the UK got one and how effective are they...


What rear "mud guard" fender? Anyone in the UK got one and how effective are they really? Kind of tired of having to clean the back of my jacket every day :/ Pictures would be great!

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  • They work.

  • Where did you get it?

  • motobot-racing.com couldn't find anywhere in the UK that do them.

  • What Karl said. They really work.

    Hasn't rained much here to test it but worked when it did rain.

  • You can get that neater / nearer to the tyre the way I've mounted it, or by flipping the L bar round.

  • No need, it does the job as is.

  • For anyone still on L plates it's also a perfect mounting point.

  • They're really worth getting, especially in this weather.

  • shame they look so shit

  • What's worse in winter? Original whale tail, tail tidy and splash guard, or tail tidy and mud up your back. That's your 3 choices in a nutsack.

  • Couldn't find them on motobot

  • Maybe he doesn't sell them anymore. Aaron, can you tag Benjamin as I can't.

  • 4th rack and/or top box. IMO doesn't look as shit as those mudguard thing as it can be standard fit. Although I only have my large top box at the moment and it looks like a Grom attached to a Top Box (not the other way round). Of course practical too.

  • He did mention the last batch (one went to Gard) was no good and he doesn't have them in at the moment. Supattra had some different ines though.

  • I have had boxes on the bigger bikes I've had (CB-1, xj600s, f650gs) and it's amazing how useful they are - but I just don't like them on a grom. Never put one on my fireblades or Daytona 955 either.

    Still, good thing not everyone likes the same or the world would be dull.

  • Had a topbox on the fireblade for touring before now.

  • Same, imo, a top box on a grom looks worse than the splash guard

  • Are the pictures supposed to reinforce how shit they look?