• What s everyone s opinion on winches I m trying to decide between Warn and...

    What's everyone's opinion on winches? I'm trying to decide between Warn and Superwinch.

    • Kfi and viper are what I've seen work the best. I have a warn and I think they're way over priced. You get what you pay for is usually my saying but the warns are over priced imo

    • KFIs are amazing get the 3500 and its amazing

    • My dads got a 3500 Pound Champion his 420 Rancher and he has never had any trouble with it

    • I have a KFI stealth 3500 on a 14 foreman and it is crap, I will be buying something else. It was only a couple of months old and it froze up from water getting in it and rusting. I called KFI and they said it is water resistant not water proof that water damage won't be covered under warranty, that I need to pull it apart and clean it after heavy mudding. I got it working after pulling it apart and cleaning everything, then siliconed as much as I could to prevent it, but the bearings will still let water in. I have a polaris 4500 on my rzr and I have never had a problem with it and it's over a year old, not sure who makes it. The KFI is loud and rough running also, looking at a viper elite to replace it, they claim water proof.

    • D j sounds like you got a lemon, never heard of one freeze up

    • Yeah was froze solid, I was surprised it started working again. The bearings are waiting to go though, you can fill rough spots after the rust. I just never heard of having to tear a winch apart after deep mudding. It wouldn't be bad but the 14 foreman winch location makes it a pain to have to remove and clean and really wouldn't expect to have to clean a winch out to mud ride either.

    • Warn

    • Warn.

    • I think I'll probably get this one eventually.

    • I love mine!