What s everyone up to this Saturday 7th as it s meant to be nice I m thinking...

What's everyone up to this Saturday 7th as it's meant to be nice I'm thinking of going to Brighton or something anyone wanna meet ?

  • Awesome yeah well I mean Brighton is hella fun much more fun then Eastbourne

  • Haha yeah you know lol Eastbourne = gods waiting room

  • I'm down. Got my theory in the morning but should be free after 10 (y)

  • Yes Toby I could possibly meet you at the eastbourne peir for about 10ish?

  • Ben, gimme a ring Saturday. I should be about and will see if a couple of my "big bike" pals are about

  • Hahaha yeah okay Charlie no worries and hahaha big bike friends brilliant

  • They're not so much into stunting since parts on their bikes ain't cheap lol but I'll see if a couple are about

  • Yeah sounds good mate:)

  • Yeah Im up for it.

  • I'll text you tomorrow night and try get a time sorted

  • Cool fella

  • Sure thing. I'll send you a message when I've finished.

  • Awesome :)

  • I'd be up for a ride, from London if anyone fancied heading down south with me to for a mass grom meet?