What s in the box


What's in the box?!

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  • Prostitue?

  • That new tyga exhaust?

  • Translation is amazing

  • Here is a hint

  • New tyga low mount

  • Low slung exhaust?

  • That's a weird looking sex machine. Looks painful

  • Trumpet

  • You take one end I'll take the other

  • Get that on Jack Dempsey Osborne

  • Jack Dempsey Osborne

  • Blow job machine!

  • Ima chop it up and send it in pieces

  • Jack Dempsey Osborne nooooooo

  • Jack Dempsey Osborne fucking brilliant

  • What does a blow job machine look like

  • Jamie takes payment by splattering all over his face

  • Don't get your hops up yet . I thought this box with my grom stunt bars got the tools out.. turns out its a box 4 my wife