What s people s opinions on changing the air box to k n fillter


What's people's opinions on changing the air box to k&n fillter

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  • Do what feels right to you. It will give you better performance. I have DNA air filter and works great.

  • Might have to try it

  • Do you no What the diameter of the hose is to do it

  • I have a tyga race pipe with baffles out, knN panel filter and airbox mod and seems more noise than power, only slightly better midrange and accelleration so more needed i think or keep off the pasties.

  • I had one but now I use the Mtake from mnnthbx. The k&n def let a little more air in and improved throttle response but wasn't noticeable sound wise. Now that I did away with that stock airbox it's way better improvements. K&n is worth the money but there is a better stock replacement filter that Koso makes I think for the same price and looks like it's designed better. But remember, if u plan on adding an oil cooler, the oem box doesn't fit it well. When I added my kitaco goodies the oil cooler did not fit with the stock airbox, so I went with the mtake and never looked back. Wasn't to pricey compared to the k&n filter option. I'm way more satisfied. If u do the k&n replacement and keep the stock box, make sure you get a velocity stack!

  • If you are talking about the k&n replacement filter for the stock box that is....if your talking about a cone filter, is recommend the chimera or the mtake from mnnthbx. Really love my mtake