what s the best clutch kit to put in a 2011 420

what's the best clutch kit to put in a 2011 420

  • I depends on how big you go as to what i would suggest you do when you pull the front cover.

  • Or if you pull it

  • I don't wanna go any bigger than 28's for now

  • Heavy mud tires or something light?

  • And if you play in the mud how thick is it?

  • Probably gonna get some og outlaws or something like that and I ride in some thick mud but not very often

  • This the thickest mud I've been in I had stocks at the time though

  • 28in and smaller og outlaws are hard to find in decent shape. You can do a clutch kit but they dont give you any power from them. All they do is make it so the engine revs high before the clutch engages. This makes it so you are high in the rpm band before the tires starts turning. It helps but not alot. They are nice because they are cheap. Now if you got the cash a gear reduction is the way to go. They give you more bottom end torque but you also loose speed. They are the same amount of work to install depending on how much of a reduction you go with.

    I used to have 28in Maxxis zillas with an economy stall clutch kit and it worked great for me. I was fresh out of collage and live in illinois so i did alot more trail riding so i didnt want to loose speed. I also rarely saw thick mud and Zillas are really light so i didnt need alot of bottom end torque.

    When i moved to Texas those zillas just couldnt hang with the thick mud i ride in. I put on 29.5 outlaws, a 35% reduction, and a comptition stall clutch kit. I took it on two rides and decided i didnt have enough torque to turn those heavy outlaws.

    I then put in a 69% reduction, a new OEM centrifugal clutch, remove the clutch kit, and installed an EBC change clutch. Now i have the power to turn those tires in any mud i want but i drive slow.

  • Now I burned the EBC clutch because i installed the wrong clutch. I am thinking about thowing one of my old high stall spring kits. After having gear reductions the only reason I like the higher stall is so when I have my exhaust under water I can rev the engine to a higher rpm without the tires spinning to keep the engine from dieing.