What s the best security to use on the grom

What's the best security to use on the grom

  • Buy a tracker? No longer have a grom as was stolen

  • Am going to get a tracker and a decent alarm system how good are the almax chains

  • Almax are the dogs

  • Keeping it in or out?

  • Will be in my garage more worried about it being outside my work

  • A good chain...locked to summit solid but NOT resting on the ground....disc alarm on the rear disc..not the front( provided it within your hearing...nobody give FA about an alarm..and a cover.

  • Glock.

  • Definitely just some sort of GPS system and an audible alarm system and a lock and chain...I wouldn't leave it outside at all until you have these things. In my opinion the Grom is just way too small and way too attractive of a bike to leave outside unattended

  • I can ask my boss if I can bring it inside

  • What disc lock do you guys recommend for the rear tire? The one I have fits fine on front, but loosey goosey on back.

  • Almax series iv