What s the best way to have an aggressive acceleration


What's the best way to have an aggressive acceleration?

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  • Thanks guys

  • In all honesty the only thing to do to change acceleration would be change the sprockets

  • To accelerate hard, you simply give it LOTS of gas.

  • Thanks Liam. Which one are the best and what kind of?

  • Attach a tow rope to a mclaren P1

  • Get a Panigale

  • Ohhhh yeah, now your talking svein.

  • Get a big bore kit, 180+, and fit a 14/41 sprocket combo. You'll struggle not to flip it.

    On stock 125? Err... What those guys said

  • Or get this one. This is me 10 years ago :-)

  • Simple, convert to electric. Power of a 125cc , torque of a 300cc bike.

  • It's black stig. Some say black stig can pull a wheelie & only rides motorcycles, All we know is he’s called the Stig.”

  • At least he can beat a HD Destroyer in the 1/8 mile

  • I wouldn't know mate I don't own a grom but throwing a smaller front sprocket it on and smaller rear will help! You'll loose a lot of top end tho

  • Some say he can beat a HD destroyer in the 1/8 mile on one wheel, All we know is he’s called the Stig.

  • Aggressive Acceleration? Is that like an aggressive wank?

  • drop a tooth on the front sprocket.

  • I did that, and got a 140/70-12 power pure on the back. You run through 1st gear real fast!

  • Smaller front sprocket and/or bigger rear sprocket.

  • Amen to that! Here's my K1300r. Mind numbingly quick

  • K1300R is my dreambike. I wrecked my K1200R some years ago. The ABS system didn't handle a burnout before dragrace, and I forgot how powerful the brakes could be without ABS assistance. Front wheel locked up at 112 mph. Not that much damage but frame or swing arm was bent as the bike were sliding along, went off track and hit a rock. I didn't hit anything, just wrecked everything I was wearing :-) To bad my new Akrapovic system was smashed. I never bought another superbike, but maybe one day.

  • After clean up. I had custom made dual RAM air intakes and BMC air filters. With a full Akrapovic system power was OK :-)

  • This may help Pino Lombardo