• What s the difference between the cbr650 and the cbr600rr besides the obvious...

    What's the difference between the cbr650 and the cbr600rr besides the obvious 50cc? I bought the cbr600rr and love it.

    • Oh yeah and rr means racing replica by the way

    • 650f is garbage...had one, bought my Repsol a month later

    • I don't understand how someone who had both bikes as.an option can't tell the difference between them.

    • I never had the 650. I had the 500r and went to the 600rr. They had a 650 but I liked the look of the 600rr

    • 2017

      Not researching all bikes before buyin


    • Oh I researched. Some on the 650's are the parallel twin. They used to be inline 4's I believe. I'm just wondering what the horsepower difference is.

    • the 650 is tuned different, with lower BHP top end. But with a stronger bottom end than the CBR600RR. The RR race bike, the othergood bike to take you to work giving higher miles per gallon

      You got the one I would choose (y)

    • Thank you sir. I do like that top end power and speed.

    • Me neither ...

    • For the record I didn't have both bikes.

    • That's why I love my CBR600FA 2012.

      Same engine as the RR. Less topend ... more power in the middle. More comfortable, the perfect commuter.

    • Naj Retlev is your an inline 4 or parallel twin. The new ones are the parallel twin. That was the whole point of the original question.

    • Robert Thompson Inline 4, same engine as the RR.

    • I don't know why Honda does the parallel twin.

    • I guess twins give more torque.

    • Wat

    • There are some who prefers the CBR600RR (ie. Sports bike enthusiasts) & there are some who prefers the CBR650F (ie. Daily commuting or long distance cross country rides). The seating position on the 600RR is more sporty where the rider has to bend down more which is not suitable for daily commuting or for long distance cross country rides. The seating position on the 650F is more comfortable than the 600RR & does not contribute so much to getting a sore back, sore wrists & sore arms if riding for daily commuting or for riding long distance cross country. Every model & every design has its advantages & disadvantages. The back seat of the 600RR is separated from the front seat. The back seat of the 650F is together with the front seat. Depending on your preference, if you're more of a speed demon, then the 600RR is a better choice. If you prefer the more relaxed & comfortable version, then the 650F is a better choice. I chose the 650F because it suits my taste as a 47 year old rider who commutes daily with it to work & occasionally go on touring expeditions with it. Peace...

    • Well said. Thank you

    • This is my CBR650F which I use for daily commuting to & from work. Notice the side carrier boxes & rear carrier box for maximum storage space. I keep my laptop/notebook, iPad, rain suit, helmet, gloves, face mask, etc. I need the ample storage space for convenience. It doesn't look as sporty as the 600RR but so what? It works for me & I love it!

    • Syed Zainal Abidin Aljunid I might get a touring bike in the future also.

    • The 600rr and the 650f both fill like a scooter after you have rode a 1000rr for a lil bit. You may as well get your money's worth and get a 1000

    • Sounds great! But most touring bikes are 1000cc & above. Not suitable for a skinny Asian guy like me. The below 1000cc are lighter & easier to control for smaller built people. Especially skinny underweight Asians. And thus, one of the few reasons why I chose the 650F. The inline 4 is extremely attractive. I like the 4 cylinder sound if compared to the 2 cylinders.

    • No problem what so ever when it's raining. Just suit up the rain gear & off we go. Rain or shine, we ride baby!

    • Doh

    • I'm thinking about that bmws1000rr or that Kawasaki zx14r in about 4 years. Your right though the 1000's and up is where it's at