What s the law on lights under your bike

What's the law on lights under your bike?

  • Ye but try it on a bike,police hate them

  • Anyway if I have them on a switch if I get stopped I will just switch them off

  • As far as aware, your fine putting lights on, aslong as they're only on when your not moving

  • The law is it looks shit.

    You can have them on a separate switch for shows, this enables you to never ever switch them on.

  • I've heard contradictory information, essentially if the source of the light isn't showing, like the filament of a bulb for example, you're all legal unless it resembles blue flashing lights on a police car.

  • I just bought this, should be around £23 delivered, offered £20. Vin Diesel told me to do it.

  • Who gives a fuck on the law they look shite

  • After they've issued the fine and points.

  • Mates a copper,

    There is no law that says you can't have them, when static I.e. meets, but your not allowed them on while driving, if you plan on having them on while driving they have to be yellow or white from the front, orange from the side and red from back any other colours aren't legal worst being blue!!

  • The law of the land is this......

    It looks fucking GAY!!!

  • Laws are meant to be broken

  • dont see how my mates got blue ones and gone past loads of police and they've not said anything

  • Trust me sods law says if you get them you'll get caught

  • You ant have red or blue. That's all. I run red and blue LEDs on my truck and never been stopped. Been pulled over for loud subs but never for red or blue underglow/halos

  • Kev Harrison lol i know