What s the pace for tomorrow Will it be leathers or Kevlar jeans or my...


What's the pace for tomorrow?? Will it be leathers or Kevlar jeans or my tracksuit?

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  • Im going full black leather jacket black jeans stealth mode!

  • I'm gonna wear clothing of some sort.

  • Is it worth getting a Kevlar Hoody

  • I'd call that homo-mode if I'm honest

  • We got a pedal bike ride up London tomorrow

  • ?

  • Borat mankini and mx helmet it is

  • Kappa pop up joggers if I can find them..

  • Don't forget your burberry and England top!

  • That's only for Arsenal away games!

  • Full leathers for me, skidded my arse down a road many year's ago not my fault bloody car driver so don't want to repeat

  • 90s Shell Suit and Stan James Adidas'