• What s the point of a bobber. Is it just looks style

    What's the point of a bobber? Is it just looks/style?

    • Google Sugar Bear it lays it out in old school terms the difference.

    • I didn't realize a bobber seat would lower the height so much - I'm only 4'10" so that would make a huge difference for me

    • Getting a tune up

    • Bobbers are like motorcycle hot rods. Only what you need to make it run. No blinkers, radio, fenders (rear optional). And its made to your specifications.

    • Katherine Marceron Sandow, while you've got your seat off your bike, go straddle it like you were riding. No seat, just the "frame". Now place the seat back on the bike and hop on..... You see what I mean:-) Its a pretty big difference as far as lowering your center of gravity. I'm only 5'7, and it makes a big difference to me as well. I like it so much better being lower to the frame. You may like it as well. If it suits you, throw a nice springer seat on it and GO GIRL! Hahaha. I've done all my Rebels this way, just a personal preference. To save some cash, I've even took the "padding" out of a factory seat and just bolted it back on. Works well, but a "real" seat pan looks a lot better. Here's a pic of one of mine with the padding removed.

    • Here's one with a seat pan "rigged" up... I have yet to order or fab up a mount so I can add springs.... Been lazy..lol.

    • Emerson Cole - I might try it! My first motorcycle (after a scooter at age 17) was a Kawasaki 304 - it was slightly too high so I shaved about 2 - 3 inches of foam from the seat padding. Since I'm only about 97 lbs., I didn't need that much padding. I still prefer the Rebel I have now.

    • Here's a British guy and his bobber that was at a recent meet up in Addison, Illinois

    • Well...they do look awesome. I ride a stock one but I appreciate the customizing too.