What s the tallest bars I can use and get away with stock cables

What's the tallest bars I can use and get away with stock cables.

  • Maybe a few inches bigger if you route em differently. Anything substantial youll have to get new ones. Venhill.com is where i got mine. Good price and good products

  • I hear 10" will work. I'm hoping so cause they're in the mail. From looks of it the only thing you'll need to do is remove the start swith and headlight switch on both sides. The wiring looks too be too short. I could be wrong

  • I maxed out with 6inch z bars on stock risers

  • I used 12" apes with stick cables on my '85 Shadow. Definitely couldn't go any bigger.

  • Do you have a pic?

  • Sheez i went from stock bars to 12 apes. And my stock cabes didnt get anywhere close. I suppose it comes down to make and manufacturer.

    But to wrap it up id say dont compromise the look of your bike cause you don't wanna change cables

  • Have a pic?

  • I can get one in a couple hours when I get home

  • I just got some cheapo $40 ones from eBay. The only issue I had was with the throttle side brake line. All I had to do was remove the brake line bracket on the front forks and it gave that brake line all the slack it needed.

  • I had 10" Z Bars with stock cables and stock risers. But drastically lowered the forks internally and also pushed through the triple trees. My bars were pretty narrow which helped. With wide bars you won't have a chance.

  • This is basically what I'm after. This is beautiful

  • How much would you say you lowered the forks? And do you have any ground clearance issues?

  • 1.5" thru triple trees. About 2.5" inside forks. Yes it was a bitch to load up anywhere and it was very low.

  • Was it rideable like within reason? Or did you mostly do just smooth roads? I love the look of yours but I also don't wanna bottom out all the time

  • It's rideable. But not practical.

  • Just went with 8 inch bars in hopes of using stock cables and if I've got play I'll grab taller risers

  • About this tall

  • Seems legit

  • I would recommend just roughly measuring where you think you'd be comfortable for seated position for long rides (I like 12-14" from stock risers) then shop for the style and height of bars you're looking for.. depending on your controls you may need a bar that has a ditch to prevent pinching electrical wires. Make sure your diameter is right, old japs are 7/8" and newer ones are 1" maybe 1 1/4". Once you found comfortable and cool bars that will fit no problem I would look into ordering custom length hydraulic cable (steel braided) for front brakes. A stretched out stock cable or even just an old stock hydraulic cable will cause spongey brakes. Also not a bad idea to do the clutch cable and throttle as you don't want them to pull on the clutch or intake when turning the wheel. Get these steel braided as well for a cool look and stronger cable shielding. Check to make sure your riser bushings are in good shape and then you got an awesome bar upgrade that's fully functional and safe

  • Thanks for the info. I ordered 8inches over stock I seem to have tons of slack for them. I also ordered a longer brake hose for that reason alone I didn't want it to stretch and I'm holding off on the throttle and clutch because I may so a jockey shift