What s this thing worth Gonna have new seat cover Has title 2006 350 rancher...

What's this thing worth? Gonna have new seat cover. Has title 2006 350 rancher 4x4.

  • good luck. id offer ya 1800 as is sits. but if you detail and scrub some rust and dirt off you would be surprised how much value will go up

  • Yup racks are getting re powdered. And frame is immaculate. So is the engine. Has itp wagon wheel rims which will help it too

  • and if you take it to the shop and have everything fixed on it, brakes, valves, pull start cleaned out, stuff like that oil change, show the paper work, shoot buddy you wouldn't have ppl haggle with ya as much either.

  • yeah id hit them up with some new paint as well. fixer up a bit.

  • ive seen untouched ranchers 4x4 go for 3100 but that's in awesome condition one owner

  • I'm the second owner. Title is still under the first at this time. Has low hours. Just been sitting a long time

  • yeah that's a plus. just have shop go through everything if your not mechanically inclined. cause you don't want no one nick picking it if your gonna ask that much for it

  • I've built lots of wheelers. So I'm good. Just haven't ever purchased a 4x4.

  • only thing a 4x4 is ball joints and front and rear diffs. clean them out and put new fluids in them

  • Pm me.