What seats are people running I m looking for a good cafe seat that is not too...


What seats are people running. I'm looking for a good cafe seat, that is not too big, and will hug the frame rails. Any suggestions?

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  • Make one.

  • This guy - the seats are on stock pans and bolt straight on using the same hinge and lock. http://stores.ebay.com.au/daytrader-07?_dmd=1&_nkw =CB450

  • The brass cafe seat from dime city sits on top of the frame rails. I like that.

  • Daren how did you attach the seat to the frame?

  • I'll see if I can find a pic. But, if you've seen the electronics tray people build Mines basically an upside down version.

  • Found some pics in an old post.

  • Clean, very nice...

  • Daren Murray did you sell your 450 since you got the liter bike/

  • I made mine, too. Fiberglass pan.