What shall I buy for around 100

What shall I buy for around £100

  • Pushbike

  • Save it and put it towards 143

  • I need to know more about that 143 not sure if it's worth it :/

  • It is loads of people have them

  • Charlie Reeves has 1500 hard miles on his

  • Charlie do you ride as aggressively as you'd do on a 125?

  • Yer he does loo

  • Have you done your A1? Do that for under £100.

  • What limiter every gear? 50 miles every day ect?

  • Never been told what the steps are for getting a licence

  • Google it mate. Easy enough to do it on your own bike with no training. Ask Tudor Toma he did it with no training

  • Yeah seen how he rides, shouldn't need training ;)

  • Yeah could google it but told I may as well do it when I'm 19

  • Think so yer

  • I'll wait for the warranty to run out

  • Warranty ent worth the paper it's written on

  • Why?

  • Took mine in they said we have to ring Honda got no where

  • Find the dealer crap

  • What's was wrong with yours?

  • Can't remember what it was only something little

  • I had a different experience where they said it was my fault and yes it was. They said I'll still be under warranty

  • What was wrong with yours what dealer did you use

  • Pmd

  • A1 u need ya theory first

  • Got nearly 1700 hard miles on the 143. Change the oil every 500 miles. It's spot on.

  • 100% save for test, L plates suck

  • All you need is theory test. Then book it up.... Make sure bike has mirrors, enough tread on tyres, exhaust isn't stupidly loud etc... Do mod 1 (glorified CBT) then do mod 2 (road ride).... Congratulations, you can now ride any 125 without L plates, and can carry pillion and use motorways

  • But there's more test when I'm 19 and 21 right?

  • Depends if you want to ride bigger than a 125... At 19 I think it is, you can you're A2 - same test just on a larger bike.. You're be restricted to 46.6 BHP until you take direct access.

    At 24 you can take direct access - same mod 1 & 2 as the others, just on an unrestricted bike

  • So I should take my A1 now at 17/18 then take my A2 at 19 then direct access at 24

  • If you want to ride bigger than a 125 then yeah... However, I think if you have your A2 for 2 years say at 19. I think you're allowed to do direct acces at 21

  • Oh ok. I'll try and book my A1 theory now then, I guess there a theory for them all?

  • You're theory lasts for 2 years. If you take your A1, and then take you're A2 before those 2 years are up, I don't think you need to do another theory test.... Upgrading from A2 to A (full unrestricted licence) I'm not sure if you need to another theory test. I wouldn't think so, but since it's the government they want to keep making money

  • Okay cheers Charlie (y)

  • Your theory test only expires after two years if you don't pass a practical test :) if you did a theory then went and passed your A1/2 or A category license you won't need to retake a theory :)

  • Ok good cheers

  • Will I need to study the Theory or is it simple?

  • I didn't study. All I did was two mocks online and passed both

  • A bit of revision doesn't hurt. It's mainly common sense.

    The hazard perception part is the bit I struggled with personally- since, as a biker, almost everything is a hazard. But if you click too many times, then you fail.

    I'd suggest revise a bit and practice on the hazard perception