What Summer clothing do you wear whilst out riding on the Grom Hoodies over...


What Summer clothing do you wear whilst out riding on the Grom - Hoodies over Leathers? im after that Super Moto cool look :)

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  • was thinking something like this http://www.rideicon.com/products/?productGroupId=1 79299 and maybe some Hood jeans?

  • I've got something similar but it's furygan

  • looks great, you got a model number?

  • I have a ktm summer textile suit. Just wear a MX hoodie over the top of it with mx lid and kickass goggles!

  • Hoody over leathers is not summer ahhaah

  • Timberlands, jeans then a hoodie over my leather jacket or my mx armour with my alpine star crosser gloves

  • Dress for the slide not the ride

  • Indeed

  • Dickhead

  • That's America for you

  • Jason Doel probably stunting down the highway with gloves and a helmet

  • I live in America and there are lots of stupid riders

  • My main issue is trying to find friends to ride with who don't ride like idiots

  • I don't mean it as everyone just a majority but then again you have chavs on mopeds in the uk that are the same

  • It's OK to have fun. But don't try to kill yourself. What's chavs ?

  • What a stupid twat.. Takes 3 seconds at 30mph to go from skin to bone.

  • I sometimes just wear jeans and a hoody with gloves and helmets. Mostly just wear textiles and on faster summer rides leather jacket n Kevlar jeans.

  • TBH I ride like a moron.. I don't wheelie or anything like that but I LOVE dropping a gear and disappearing.. And getting the knees down(:

  • I use this armored hoodie http://www.sportsbikeshop.co.uk/motorcycle_parts/c ontent_prod/237795 plus helmet and gloves, if I'm just going to the gas station or maybe asda I don't bother with the jacket, but anything over 10 mins I wear it normally.

  • I've been wanting to buy some shoes and maybe pants, but I like to try before I buy and there's not many places locally that'll have the style I want (shoes I could wear with a suit into the office). So I just wear dress shoes when I commute.

  • If he can live with it then I hold nothing against it, it was his prerogative and now he has to deal with he consequences, if he didn't cry or bitch about it I don't think any less of him.

  • Kevlar hoodie.