What type of person is happy riding a biffa BTW I m a 60 yr old returning...


What type of person is happy riding a biffa? BTW I'm a 60 yr old returning biker & love the steady nature of the machine.

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  • You're all old-school guys. I'm 26 riding an '07 for 20K kms in first year.

    I rode nearly every surface but any snowy condition, exact all-rounder except manifold clearance.

  • Been riding legally since 1969. Square tyres, drum brakes, tickling the carb, heating the spark plug, bits falling off with vibration, setting off not knowing when or even if you would arrive, you young'uns don't know what you missed! Biffa is the best all rounder I've ever owned, the only improvement would be shaft drive - I'm getting too old to roll around on the garage floor wrestling chains!

  • Got to agree with you ken on shaft drive

  • .. 53 alive and kicking!! Great song, Great Biffa!

  • Mick Corbett, the Biffa looks damn good in white..

  • 55 - and I love it :)

  • Reckon Yunas Emre Kana is the youngest CBF1000 rider in the world.LOL.

  • I'm gonna start a questionaire about it on cbf1000.com maybe you right Mick

  • 46 and started loving it :)

  • 42....young enough