What tyres are people using if the postie is set up for touring with long range...


What tyres are people using if the postie is set up for touring with long range xr tank etc seems not much available in between road or MX knobby in 2.75-17 or 3.00-17

Still need to do a lot of tar before reaching dirt every now and then or sand

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  • V rubber 3.00 in the 6 ply

    Have run duro 3.00 in the trials pattern too

  • Cheers Will


    Have you done the V rubber 3.00 knobby front and back

    Guessing its pretty close to the Kenda or duro knobby

  • You can use these V rubber 6 ply, best all round tyre. From SC Moto.

  • Not sure if they available in Oz, but we have been running IRC Trials tyres that we happened upon in the US. They have been averaging around the 15 000 km mark before needing to be replaced. Great off road, great on road, we have been very happy with them. I know my link is an Ebay one, but just to give you an idea of what they look like.

    http://www.ebay.com/itm/New-IRC-Trials-Tire-2-75-1 7-/261934915493

  • I personally like the trials block pattern .

    May not be as good in the sand but a lot better on the road in my experience

  • Irc or vee rubbers are good Andrew Turnell - IB also

  • Do you have these IRC trials tyres See Tee Mike?

  • in box my the number on the sides of your tyre ill check it out -

  • Yes mate . Tried them all including the trials ones.

    The best all rounder for me (lot dirt and tar commute) is the v rubber ones Daran Paul Martin listed. There other brands of the same pattern but they seem to wear quicker.