What will a cg125 rear sprocket do to the grom

What will a cg125 rear sprocket do to the grom? ?

  • Doesn't make it faster unless u change the gearing... Smoother ever so slightly.. Still a big difference from stock!! Haven't had to adjust mine since its been fitted and that was 4000 miles ago.. Infact the only time may of been when it got serviced last week

  • The sprockets are still good bearly worn will be good for another 4000

  • Rob you got a link to what you bought

  • All of eBay Tudor jc sprockets for a cg125 from motorider and the DID 428 pitch chain 116 link? If thats any help mate?

  • Or honda anf? all the same buddy

  • Well worth doing.. Mine was all fitted couple days befor Ace cafe July last year and hadn't been touched since unless they needed to adjust it at its service... But befor hand I had already gone through 2 sets of chain an sprockets! Because stock 420d waa crap and not durable enough in my eyes anyway

  • Yeah the 428 looks great have had 12k out of my 420 but thats with a lot of maintenance gonna do the conversion next adjustment I do on my chain :)

  • 12k on stock

  • haha nah the previous owner fucked the stock chain I reckon he never even lubed it I put a 420 AFAM on when I got it and now its on 19K miles and still has a little bit of adjustment left so actually its more like 14-15k miles on a 420 chain it's just taking care of it and not over tightening it like most people do :)

  • I didn't even realise urs was secondhand mate I thought I was from new.. I lube mine once or twice a week.. Needs a good clean tbh just havnt had the time tho.. Just can't believe u get that many miles from a stock chain mate