What would it be worth if I had to sell her Upgrading bikes and wanting to get...

What would it be worth if I had to sell her? Upgrading bikes and wanting to get a boat this year as well so it may be on the chopping block.

01 vt750dc with a little more than 30k miles. Cobra pipes with jet kit. Mustang seat.

  • In excellent condition 2500 to 3000 i just paid 2000 for my 03 spirit 750 with only 18000 on it. Given the seller needed the cash

  • Mine has vance and hines worth 450 and he threw in a pretty expensive full face helmet as well

  • If it came down to it I would be happy with getting 2-2500 for it. I gave 2200 for it and had to fix the tank, add the apes, jet the carb, led swap the blinkers and brake light and put on the mapam forward controls. The green was just "trial" paint

  • You can get that forsure with riding season comming up

  • Really don't want to sell it, but after graduating to a 1900 I don't think I will want much to do with a 750 lol

  • Dont blame you lol. What kind of 1900 you get

  • I'm really looking at Yamaha raiders! As soon as that tax refund comes through I will apply to get one.

  • I found a good one for 7000 that doesn't even have 8000 miles and just needs some aftermarket pipes and a passenger pad for me to be happy.

    And some House of Kolor candy apple green of course.

  • Thats sick as hell

  • Oh I've been in love with them ever since I happened accross one while picking up a visor for my black lid.

    They carry the weight of the bike so low that my vt750 felt twice as heavy to throw up from the stand. And I don't think that my bike is heavy to begin with. I picked the raider up and swung it too hard expecting it to be heavier feeling, and I almost dropped it to my right on the Yamaha stratoliner beside it!