What would make my oil cooler smoke after being ridden for a while Any one...

What would make my oil cooler smoke after being ridden for a while? Any one else have this happen to theirs??

  • Sounds like my old girlfriend.

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  • Are you sure it's coming from the oil cooler and not the tappet cover or valve cover? Generally the smoke is coming from the motor and rising up through the area of the cooler.

  • Yea that could be it

  • It's happened a few times with several of my 350x's. There is a gasket you can get, although if you can FIND mopar grey... It will never leak again.

  • The valve cover was put on by the pre ilus owner with some kind of orange rvt fast gasket b.s. so it could be coming from there but the only place I seem to lose oil is from around the front sprocket

  • Oh it def is... I cringe when I see an rtv makeshift gasket used. It will last for maybe half a season then you get stuck doing it all over again.. Also be cautious and use all NEW bolts for the cover and torque to factory spec.

  • Thanks

  • Anytime.... That's what we are here for. Just happy helping out fellow enthusiasts.

  • And thats why I love this page everyone is pretty friendly and very helpful and I get help, answers, and suggestions way faster here than on 3wheelerworld