What would you guys think about buying a grom that s got 17 000 miles on the...


What would you guys think about buying a grom that's got 17'000 miles on the clock? Not sure if it's too much!

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  • To much spend an extra 300 and your pick one up with 1000 miles on it

  • Dont mess about. Take cash and wave £1200 under their nose. Buyers market plenty to choose from. Walk away if no go.

  • James Tinson that's what I've been telling him. Mine was a year newer had 1600 on the clock and set me back 1850

  • been alot of big end failures at the 20k mile mark. unless you plan to put a bbk with a new crank in it, walk away.

  • I bought mine 6 months old 220 miles on it £1200 and that was when dealers wasn't knocking a penny off as they was new and flying out the show rooms, I know someone that paid £1900 150 miles on the clock

  • It's only worth in if your gonna do a finbro engine swap

  • Cheers guys v helpful advice! Tbh I like the colours and nearly bought it straight off. V worrying what you're saying about big failures Gavin Davies I'll probably pass on it now cheers.

  • £1800 will get you a bike with under 1500 miles

  • I paid £1k for 2014 MSX with 9k miles :-)

  • how you get one that cheap?? I've never seen one that low

  • but if he'll take a small enough price, it might be worth it, a new crank is about £2-300 i think.

  • Was posted on Facebook

    Had R+G Tail tidy and integrated rear light

  • If you're talking cheap. Ask Brian Norrie

  • £700 for a 22month old bike with 3700 miles.

  • Wow !!!

  • Which is why I didn't mind spending all that money on it.

  • £850 with 3000 odd miles had a few nice bits but ripped seat and a round rear sprocket

  • I payed 1200 for 2013 with 6.5k miles

  • I'll buy a few at £700-£800

  • I know I'll buy them all

  • Comes with black wheels with vee rubber racing tyres too

  • Mine owes me nothing :p

  • Oh and its only done 900miles and with a spare complete bike minus frame lol

  • Chris Francis we know your a jammy bastard lol

  • £700 bargain!!! I'll take one - time for a 235 project.!

  • Where do you even pick up one for that kind of money lol

  • The Internet

  • $3700 usd brand new tax tag title for mine

  • Having seen the advert i'd walk away, plenty of better ones out there

  • Genuinely, where are you guys finding used groms for £1k to £1200?!

  • I'll start looking lol