What year Bandit engine will fit in the CBF frame

What year Bandit engine will fit in the CBF frame?

  • I don't think the band motor changed much until it went water cooled . . Why the swap?

  • What year would that be?

  • 96-07 are oil cooled

  • I looked up the specs before and the Bandit motor doesnt really have any more horsepower then the cb 900 motor,so whats the point of swapping?

  • Never said I was going to swap I was just curious. The engine I'm looking at makes about 120 horsepower. The guy owns his own motorcycle machine shop and he runs these Bandits on the drag strip and other places. I couldn't rebuild my engine for the price that he would give me his for.

  • Stock bandit is about 100 at the wheel. . With loads of torque. . About the same as a stock Cb1100

  • I've got a 1200 Bandit engine in mine

  • I'd like to see some close-up engine shots in the frame. I've heard it just bolts right in.

  • I'm afraid you've been mislead my friend.All new engine mounts have to be made, I braced the frame as well because of the extra torque

  • Got any pictures of what you did?

  • I have a whole catalogue of photos from day 1 of the build plus photos of all the parts I made to fit the engine.

  • Sorry but someone asked me for all the details before and I bent over backwards to help them, with all the photos and details and then they just disappeared with the info so I won't do it again!

  • Basically I just want my shot about how it fits in the frame.