Whats my all original 1978 xl250s worth

Whats my all original 1978 xl250s worth?

  • Wrong. It's not hard at all to learn. Plus, you'll be getting bigger and stronger in the coming year/s. If you get a modern bike of that size (85cc) that produces decent power, you'll be fine. I would suggest getting a bike with a gearbox and just learning to ride. It seriously is not hard at all. Practice on your Honda.

  • Yes that's what I'm talking about a modern kx85, I'll probs ride it, it's a bit big though

  • That's not the one in the first pic, is it?....

    Going to be worth substantially less. Still, I was shocked by the estimates I'm reading here. They must be much more sought after in the UK. Here in the US these bikes were a dime a dozen and the old ones aren't worth much at all.

  • Looks pretty clean though.

  • Yes mines a 1981 his is 1978, not done yet though, need decals, prob new shocks, and new back wheel, chain, front sprocket

  • Over here a running, original 1981xl250s in good condition is worth about £1500-2000

  • My first bike was an all original 1975 xl175. Okay for getting around town, but was a terrible dirt bike. Under powered, short suspension travel, dual shock crap, and no mud clearance. I traded it for body work on my car. Maybe $400-500 worth. My new bike is an '82 xl500r. It's rad. Heavy, but has plenty of power. I paid $800 for my 500 and it's in very good condition. Low miles and stored indoor it's entire life. Stil has the factory front tire even....

  • Yeah that's about £1200 here