Whats the best gear oil to use for the shaft drive

Whats the best gear oil to use for the shaft drive?

  • It should say where you fill it but I think 80w

  • Hypoid gear oil. 80-90 wt

  • Honda hypoid 80wt gear oil, only $4.95 for 8 oz. I just changed mine. https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=wfVS_KPcdoI

  • I use synthetic 90w

  • Flush it out a couple times before you do you're final fill.

  • First time I've ever heard flush before fill. I use Mobil1. BTW, be careful with the filler cap when reinstalling. It has an o-ring and doesn't need much torque to seat. Too much and you'll break the cap. Don't ask how I know this.

  • I use this

  • Lucas oil non synthetic

  • I just jacked up my rear wheel and filled it with marvel mystery oil, spun the wheel and drained it. Got all the tiny little shavings out.

  • I use Amsoil synthetic 80-90

  • I see broken fill caps all the time at the dealership. They break off easy. Screw it in till the o-ring touches and just snug it

  • 02 Spirit 1100. You'll need to order a new Oring, I had to do it through a Honda Dealer well worth the piece of mind. As someone stated before you will want to fill and drain it 2-3 times to clean it out. Rear tire up so you can spin it. On final fill, fill it on its side stand until it just comes out the fill hole. Do oil the new O ring too. Had to do it for the first time last year. Keep us posted with what you go with!/