• Whats the best gearing to run

    Whats the best gearing to run?

    Im running 15/45 and i can barely get past 80ks flat out

    • mmmm i might just put 17t on front and not worry about the expensive 41t rear 16t front

    • just be careful mate, if your chain comes off its goodbye casing

    • oh now you got me worried

    • 16t front it is and if im not happy it will be the 41t rear

    • its a very tight fit the 17

    • yeah na stuff it 16t it is..

    • Talk to Warrick Penfold from Post Bikes Australia he'll be able to sort you out for smaller sprockets for the rear

    • ive looked on J parts in japan they sell a 41T rear

    • Be warned there is a difference between pre and post 99 models ( and ag )

    • On a std engine I would not gear it up anymore than 16/45.

      When you start to add more decent power then you can gear further

    • ahh ok yeah mine is a 2011 model. not sure what the one on J parts suits

    • Dave Mitchell msg sent

    • Mine makes 10.5hp so its a good puller