• whats the best kind exhaust gaskets. best place to get them

    whats the best kind exhaust gaskets? best place to get them?

    • oem , or oem type, the copper one's

    • Oem all the way

    • How about jet kits? So many options out there ranging different prices. Is it worth doing? I'm still on stock air filter - just changing pipes

    • That i cant speak to mine was done when i got her, And I never had a opportunity to play with it

    • Maybe I'll just see how the bike reacts to the pipes first then make a decision

    • I spoke to a friend that owns an authorized Harley service shop and custom builder. His suggestion to me was change the slow jets from #42 to 45. That's cheaper than buying a kit.

    • How you feeling. Your xray looks like a hardware store

    • haha... yep I would love to see the bill from Lowes. I'm in the process of transitioning from a walker to cane. I've quit putting a time line on recovery. Getting a little better every day. Thanks for asking!

    • I installed 45's on Blue, with the original factory Main Jets. She runs like a dream, no hesitation and super quick acceleration. I am a believer, the 45 slow jet suggestion made by authorized HD service shop, is a good one. I have to say that I heard it from Mike Burger first and am thankful for his advise. ;-)