Whats the cheapest lowering kit for the Grom guys

Whats the cheapest lowering kit for the Grom guys?

  • McDonald's, enough of that will give you a lower stance!

  • You'll want this to lower

    Link for 4.5" drop

    Also do a 2.5"

    http://www.composimo.com/GROM- 45-inch-Billet-Rear-Lowering-L ink_p_74.html

  • Someone on here had a cheap one and it snapped.

  • Think that was Richard Partridge

    Can't go wrong with composimo tho

  • Probably get away with a shorter rear shock

  • Jay if your lowering and/or stretching it, then go with Composimo.

    Their stuff all tried and tested and don't skimp on the quality.. All the yanks run Composimo kits

  • I can eat and nothing happens to me but the toilet

  • Nice, thanks Lee. Good price.

  • Just wanna lower rear at the moment see how it rides.

  • Thanks lads, building at list of things to add to my bike and have done in one go.

  • Just lowering one end will have a strange effect on the handling, especially if it's the rear, unweighting the steering isn't desirable for good handling or steering.

    Sliding the fork tubes up through the yokes is an easy way of dropping the front end a bit, but you need to check that no contact is going to occur.

  • Ok thanks for the heads up Ivon. My front bars are low, so me thinking dropping back end will give me a comfortable ride. When I at lights I pull front brake and lift the front forks up gives me a nice position.