• When I got my storm it came fitted with a K n air filter

    When I got my storm it came fitted with a K@n air filter

    And had been stage one tuned and dyno jetted

    I am giving bike a service and was thinking of replacing K@n with Honda filter as some say this is less restrictive

    Would appreciate your input on this

    • I agree with Håkan Hallinder. The Vtr can be sensitive for minor changes in fuel/air ratio

    • have you had the bike on a rolling road ? if its stage 1 tuned it should be making somewhere in the region of 123bhp or more ! . not many companies did tuning for the storm , was it REVOLUTION ? on the receipt ? , if it was roger he would normally do an airbox conversion , has yours got this ? / if any of the above are yes LEAVE THE K&N IN !! , If not then it sounds more like a stage1 k&n kit was fitted , in which case ... leave the filter in , its been set up to run with it , if you take it out it will run like a bag o s*it . IMHO .

    • Yes it is revolution on receipt

      I have print out of its results on rolling road and figure you say is about right

      So a new K@n will be the order of the day.

    • Why don't you just buy a K&N cleaning and service kit for the filter ? , it should last as long as the bike if you just clean and oil it (y)

    • I agree with Ian Mercer

    • I'm sure someone has put a curse on my storm

      Doing an oil change

      Put in new sump bolt

      Go to tighten it

      And the dam thing shears leaving it broken inside the sump.

      Going to have to try and drill it out


    • OMG that's shit

    • Honestly Rob

      This past month or so has been a right pain with it

      Going to drill and use what's called an easy out hopefully that will do it

    • be very careful and once it is out flush it through to get rid of any metal that might be lurking around inside :-( , be a real shame if the engine got damaged .

    • Drop the sump before you drill it .

      I had to do it when I first got mine well I just changed the sump .