• When putting a 140cc lifan in a postie bike do I need to get a compliance...

    When putting a 140cc lifan in a postie bike, do I need to get a compliance certificate or anything from the RMS? (NSW)

    • has to be engineered

      But what they don't know what hurt

      Just find a good blue slip guy and just get the engine number changed and leave it as a 110cc

    • Just avoid every hwp you see. An engine swap can only be from a registerable vehicle and lifan dont make bikes

    • do the lifan engines even have an engine code stamped on them?

      not that it matters, as it's clearly not a legal mod... but i was just wondering.

    • Yeah they have a engine number stamped on them

    • I've had it done for awhile now, been pulled over twice and they haven't said anything, when regos up just go to a normal car mechanic for inspection they usually just check lights are all working and the vin and you're sweet