Whenever I go in my grom to pick up a chick they say that s such a small seat...


Whenever I go in my grom to pick up a chick, they say "that's such a small seat, can I even sit on it?"

And then complain about it being uncomfortable during the whole journey.

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  • thats insane, if they complain about the seat on the grom, they'd pass out on the seat of a 1000RR and besides, if they're going to be ungrateful then tell them to ge their own bike or ... wrong woman

  • Take her out on a 1970s chaly, the grom will be luxury after that

  • The best girls ride next to you, not behind you.

  • Preach ☝

  • Deadass ✌

  • Fuck em !

  • Stop picking up fat chicks

  • How do you get in a grom?

  • I'm curious too... Would be much warmer inside the actual grom

  • Oh you beat me

  • Cool story bro

  • Tell the Bitch to walk

  • Stop picking up fatty's!..

  • Just tell her to sit on your face.